User-generated Conference

You, Me, User – Conference on User-Generated Culture
Friday 25, May – Saturday 26, May 2012 in Helsinki.

From social media to video games and from online fan production to machinima the phenomenon of user-generated culture has secured its position in the mainstream during the last few years. This shift has resulted from the blurring boundaries between media production and consumption as well as between professional and amateur authorship. The phenomenon is claimed to be characterized by collaboration, accessibility and democratic potential. During the You, Me, User Conference we approach the user-generated culture, or in other words, multiple situations where culture becomes modified, produced and distributed through everyday practices, social and new media.

Keynote lectures are given by

  • David Buckingham, Professor of Media and Communications, Loughborough University (UK)
  • Frans Mäyrä, Professor of Information Studies and Interactive Media, University of Tampere (Finland)

Preliminary program: YMU Conference Program(PDF)

Conference venue:

Houses of Science and Letters / Tieteiden talo (Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki, Finland)


Each paper has 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion. The conference venue has a computer for powerpoint-presentations. If some special audiovisual equipment is required, please contact Maija Uusitalo.


A peer-reviewed publication is planned to be published. More information will follow.


Registration to the conference by May 23, 2012.

Register by sending an email to:

Conference fees:

Conference fees include program, coffees and lunches.  Conference dinner on Friday is an optional event and it has a separate fee of 35 euros.
The conference fees are to be paid as bank transfers. After the registration, an invoice with payment details will be send to the participant.

Participation for one day: 10 € (includes lunch)

Conference fees for the members of Finnish Society for Cinema Studies:

  •  Conference fee  40 €
  •  Under- and postgraduate students  25 €

Conference fees for other participants:

  • Conference fee  60 €
  • Under- and postgraduate students  40 €

Participation for dinner at Friday 25, May:  35 €


Each participant is responsible for his/her own travel and accommodation costs and reservations.  At least following hotels are reasonably priced/situated:

Hotel Arthur

Hotel Cumulus Kaisaniemi

Sokos Hotel Helsinki

More information:

Secretary Maija Uusitalo (

Chair Outi Hakola  (

CFP user generated culture



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