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Finnish Society for Cinema Studies
Suomen Elokuvatutkimuksen Seura ry. (SETS)

The Finnish Society for Cinema Studies was founded in 1985 to promote academic film studies as well as studies in audiovisual culture, and to promote common interest in these fields in Finland. At the time SETS was founded there were no academic positions on the field. Since then film and television studies related departments have been founded in the universities of Turku, Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, and Rovaniemi.

SETS plays a major role in bringing together scholars, teachers and students of these departments as well as similarly orientated people from other fields. The society often works in co-operation with these departments in arranging seminars.

The main activities for SETS are publishing, disseminating information, and organizing seminars. The sphere of subject matters SETS is diverse and in continuous flux, covering basically anything related to audiovisual media culture, cultural history, media education, and information society, as well as the ethics and aesthetics related to these issues.

Contact Information:

Email: elokuvatutkimuksen.seura(at)

Marjo Kovanen, Chair (marjo.kovanen(at)

Laura Seppälä, Secretary (laura.seppala(at)


Academic Journal:
Lähikuva: A refereed journal for audiovisual culture, the one and only major forum on the audiovisual research field in Finland with 4 annual numbers.

Published Books:
Bacon, H., Lehtisalo, A., Nyyssönen, P. (eds.) 2007: Suomalaisuus valkokankaalla. Helsinki: SETS, Like. (In English: Finnishness on screen)

Pantti, Mervi 1998: Kaikki muuttuu… elokuvakulttuurin jälleenrakentaminen Suomessa 1950-luvulta 1970-luvulle. Turku: SETS. (In English: Rebuilding of cinema culture in Finland 1950-1970.)

Koivunen, Anu 1995: Isänmaan moninaiset äidinkasvot: sotavuosien suomalainen naisten elokuva sukupuoliteknologiana. Turku: SETS. (In English: Finnish women’s films during the wartime as gender technology.)

Laine, Kimmo 1994: Murheenkryyneistä miehiä. Turku: SETS. (In English: On soldier farces).

Huhtamo, Erkki (toim.) 1987: Gábor Bódy – toinen silmäys: elokuva/TV/video. Turku: SETS. (In English: Gábor Bódy – another glance: film/television/video.)


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