CFP Transnational Baltic Cinema

Call for papers:  Transnational Baltic Cinema – Thematic explorations and industrial perspectives

Conference at the University of Helsinki, Finland, 12-13. December 2013

Film culture in the Baltic region is an emerging topic of transnational exploration. There have always been lively cultural relations between the countries round the Baltic Sea. These have provided inspiration and opportunities for film makers from quite early on. In our day and age

collaboration between producers and the flow of influences and capital across borders has generated an increasingly vibrant film cultural context.

Now is the time to explore the transnational aspects of film culture in the Baltic region. The conference on Transnational Baltic Cinema is the first of its kind and will provide a vital regional perspective on this understudied aspect of contemporary European cinema. By focusing on both more traditional thematic views on the films produced in the region as well as on industrial practices and infrastructures, we aim to generate discussion of the problems and possibilities of film culture around and across the Baltic.

The conference has three interlocking themes:
1) Exchange of film cultural and aesthetic influences in the Baltic region
2) Co-productions and sharing/selling of knowhow and facilities
3) The weight of political and cultural factors on these operations

These are to be explored both from historical and contemporary perspectives

The event will be divided in two parts, one focusing mainly on historical developments and developing approaches for the study of transnational phenomena, the other on contemporary developments and the possibilities they offer for the future of film production and film culture.

Keynote speakers include

  • Pertti Grönholm (adjunct professor, University of Turku, Finland)
  • Karlo Funk? (Estonia)
  • Lyuba Bugayeva (associate professor, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia)
  • Anders Marklund (associate professor, University of Lund, Sweden)
  • Ilkka Matila (producer, Matila-Röhr Productions)
  • Petri Kemppainen (production consultant, The Finnish Film Institute).

We invite papers focused mainly on the themes of the conference, but we are open to other relevant approaches.  Please send abstracts of no more than 200 words to by 1. September 2013. Accepted presenters will be notified by 15. September 2013.

The conference is hosted by the Transnational Finnish Film History project at the University of Helsinki and the Finnish Society for Cinema Studies (Suomen elokuvatutkimuksen seura, SETS).

Contact: Professor Henry Bacon (, Anneli Lehtisalo (, Jaakko Seppälä (



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