You, Me, User – Conference on User-Generated Culture 25-26.5.2012

Finnish Society for Cinema Studies organizes a conference on user-generated culture at Helsinki on 25-26 May, 2012.

What are user-generated contents? Where do their boundaries lie? What kind of impact they have had on aesthetic, pedagogic, professional, economic and social aspects of audiovisual media? What does the future hold? These questions will be tackled in two-day conference You, Me, User — Conference on User-Generated Content which brings together the cutting edge of domestic research, internationally renowned names as well as people who are actively and extensively engaged in creating and using this new type of audiovisual content. Although the conference is mainly targeted for academics the proceedings are open to all and will be of interest to anyone wanting to update their knowledge on latest media trends.

Keynote lectures are given by

  • David Buckingham, Professor of Media and Communications, Loughborough University (UK)
  • Frans Mäyrä, Professor of Information Studies and Interactive Media, University of Tampere (Finland)

Preliminary program: YMU Conference Program (PDF)

Conference venue:

Houses of Science and Letters / Tieteiden talo (Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki, Finland)


One Response to You, Me, User – Conference on User-Generated Culture 25-26.5.2012

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