Imaginary Japan – Japanese Fantasy in Contemporary Popular Culture

Conference 18.-20.9.2008

At University of Helsinki, Finland

The Finnish Society for Cinema Studies (SETS) organizes an international conference on Japanese popular culture from 18th to 20th September 2008. The conference explores the popular images of Japan in intercultural and multidisciplinary context and concentrates on the theme of intercultural encounters. The conference will bring together Japanese and Western views on contemporary Japanese audiovisual and popular culture including for example film, television, animation, media, music, games and fashion.

Confirmed keynote speakers are:

  • Machiko Kusahara, Waseda University / University of California
  • Susan Napier, Tufts University
  • Alezander Zahlten, Universität Mainz / Nippon Connection Film Festival
  • Shinji Imaoka, Film director, Japan


    Registration fee (including coffees and receptions):

    • The obligatory conference registration fee is 60 Euros.
    • For members of Finnish Society of Cinema Studies the registration fees is 30 Euros.
    • Students are welcomed without registration fee (remember to registrate anyway!)

    Registration should be submitted by email to Eija Niskanen (eija.niskanen(at) by September 12th, 2008. The registration is needed because of the limited capacity of the conference venue and for services.


    For preliminary program see below.

    For the list of speakers see below.


    More information:

    Conference Secretary: Eija Niskanen


    Representative of Finnish Society for Cinema Studies

    Outi Hakola

    (outhak(at) or outi.j.hakola(at)


    Organizer: Finnish Society for Cinema Studies, Finland

    Helsinki International Film Festival (Love & Anarchy)
    Finnish National Audiovisual Archive (former Finnish Film Archive)
    International Institute for Popular Culture (IIPC)

    Co-operating university departments in Finland:
    Cinema and television studies (University of Helsinki)
    Asia-Pacific studies (University of Helsinki
    Centre for East-Asian Studies (University of Turku)
    Media Studies (University of Turku)
    Department of Journalism and Mass Communication (University of Tampere)
    Elomedia, graduate school of audiovisual media (University of Art and Design Helsinki)

    Organizing committee:

    Professor Henry Bacon (Finnish Society for Cinema Studies, University of Helsinki)
    PhD Katja Valaskivi (University of Tampere)
    PhD Harri Kilpi (The chair of the Finnish Society for Cinema Studies)
    Ms. Eija Niskanen (Researcher, contact person in Japan)
    Ms. Outi Hakola (Secretary of Finnish Society for Cinema Studies, University of Turku)
    Ms. Varpu Rantala (Finnish Society for Cinema Studies)


    2 Responses to Imaginary Japan – Japanese Fantasy in Contemporary Popular Culture

    1. Yaz Okulu sanoo:

      does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?

    2. elokuvatutkimuksenseura sanoo:

      Unfortunately only in Finnish and English. There will be some speakers (Japanese filmmakers) who speak in Japanese and we provide translation into Englihs. – SETS, Eija Niskanen


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